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Noodle Care Do’s: Part 3 of 3

Welcome to Noodle Care Do’s: Part 3 of 3! Here’s Part 1 and Part 2!Review To say I am passionate about the concept of mental fitness is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  More often than not, the brain gets separated from the rest of the body! Targeted nutrition, mental exercises, coaching and practical tools are often discounted when attempting

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Noodle Care Do’s: Part 2 of 3

Welcome to Noodle Care Do’s: Part 2 of 3! Here’s Part 1 too!Today’s big question: What do I do to take care of my brain? When everything felt hopeless in my teenage life, my mom did her own digging. She dug into neuroscience research and discovered what I’ve shared with you in these posts, Our brains

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Noodle Care Do’s: Part 1 of 3

This is part one of three in a series where I share my passion for DOING things to care for my brain. In parts two and three I share what specific things I do in my most effective anti-inflammatory healthstyle to care for my noodle. So much of my heart for this subject matter and context

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This Survivor’s Soul Part 2 of 2

Review from Part 1: There is so much I cannot control. I feel this acutely today. At times it feels like what I desire and what I want most, doesn’t matter at all. But dear friend, my heart, my pains, needs, wants and desires matter. And so do yours! On the road to accepting my needs and

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This Survivor’s Soul Part 1 of 2

What does it mean to pivot?  My inner dancer grabbed on to that one and immediately thought of an old across the floor sequence where we practiced our jazz walks going: “walk 2, 3, 4, pivot step, pivot step.” *insert hips!In that sequence the “pivot step” is used to change direction. So how do I

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Thoughts from Mama Pat: Finding Fun

Hello friends, Mama Pat here!Today’s big question is: What happened to fun? Is fun hard to find? Is the refreshment we expect to get from fun hard to feel? “And she had fun, fun, fun ’till her daddy took her T-bird away…” Can you hear the music? Some days I feel like someone took my T-bird away. Or

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