Curiosity and Results: My Shoe Part 2

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes.” Hudson+Bleecker

One of the greatest journeys I’ve discovered is the journey toward living a curiosity-forward life. Here’s a story about how curiosity saved me the cost of shipping. (And helped me land a pair of cool boots for my journey of a thousand miles.)

My new Spring boots from the last post:

I cut open the package and after letting my new boots warm up (yes, it gets that cold here), I excitedly pulled out the shoe stuffing and put them on. That new shoe magic is something I can sense almost instantly when it’s a good fit! Only this time my feet had different opinions… One foot felt magical and the other did NOT. 

My left foot felt like it could take on the world, one courageous tromp at a time!! But my right foot felt pinched and grumpy. I thought maybe they just needed to be broken in, but as I walked around I realized I really couldn’t make them work. I just didn’t understand how they could feel so different on each foot. Why couldn’t the right foot feel as awesome as the left?

I was stuck there for a few minutes, wondering why my ‘pick-me-up purchase’ had to be such a let-down. I had ordered from this company before and never had any issues. 

Blair Dunkley, my Mind Model coach says, “The pathway from a stuck state to a resourceful state is curiosity.” And isn’t that what we’re all attempting to do with our health? Journey from a stuck state to a state where we achieve RESULTS! In order to go from stuck to results you have to go through Curiosity Junction to get to Resourceful Ranch.  

Stuck in disappointment due to unmet expectations coupled with a problem that made no sense  (I get extra frustrated when problems are illogical, which is hilarious because most problems are!) had me so close to tossing my highly anticipated prize fun back in the box and sending them back to the company. 

But then I took a left at Curiosity Junction and asked myself, “What if they sent me two different sizes?” That curious question led me to check the insides of both shoes where I discovered the answer! 

Initially I had missed seeing the cardboard insert in the right foot! No wonder it felt so uncomfortable! 

Following the thread of curiosity all the way to resourcefulness ended in an effective result. I discovered how to make the shoe fit properly. It worked for me! 

For some of my major health wins this took years, others not such a long time. It’s not effective to compare your journey with anyone else's. Stay focused on your own points of pain and your own curious questions to direct the process where it needs to go for your welfare. In the case of my shoe, if I had discovered they accidentally sent me two different sizes, my trip through Resourceful Ranch would have taken me a week or two to return and re-purchase the boot and reach the result I wanted rather than a few seconds. Another scenario could have been that since it was a sale item, they could have been out of my size and I wouldn’t have that particular boot. What then? 

Do I give up on ever owning another pair of boots in my life EVER… or would I just need to make another left at Curiosity Junction and search for another pair of boots to fall in love with?

All too often when it comes to our health, we throw in the towel much too quickly. It’s perfectly understandable to experience burnout from trying for so long, or need a season to re-coup some finances before trying new things, but dear friend, please don’t ever give up completely. Solutions come in all shapes, sizes, and packages, but keep in mind it’s the RESULT you’re after. Don’t dismiss something just because it’s not what you expect to help. Approaching your goals with the result in mind and walking the process out with curiosity and resourcefulness sets you up for success in the long run. Take heart and have patience my friend!

Here three tips to encourage your mind to shift into curiosity:

  1. 1
    Drink some water and take three to five slow deep breaths.
  2. 2
    Shift away from emotionally polarizing or critical thoughts and words and toward neutral or assessment-based thinking.
  3. 3
    Ask yourself positive ‘What’ or ‘How’ questions about the situation.

Whether it’s disappointment from a purchase that doesn’t meet your expectations or a health solution you’ve recently tried that isn’t living up to your hopes, how can you use curiosity to help shift yourself forward? 

What is your favorite pair of shoes? How does wearing that pair of shoes make you feel? 

(P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about how to get unstuck, check out the Rewire Your Mind tab under Learn and Shop. Blair Dunkley’s Mind Models will take you there!

About the Author Shannon McClurg

I have learned to thrive in the midst of acute & chronic health challenges. My personal experience drives my quest to seek out exceptional resources for living: real health for your body, real tactics for renewing your mind & real access to strong finances. My 4 favorite P's are puppies, pineapples, princesses and pole fitness! My hobby jobs all involve kids. I love bringing joy to children's lives and making sure they know they are important.