August 23

What Works Wednesday #4 Story + Recipe For Ginger Turmeric Juice


A Juicing Adventure!

A dear friend of mine gave me Ellie Bullen’s cookbook, The Global Vegan. During quarantine I began to test out some different recipes from this special gift!

While I am not a vegan, I do find alignment with her beautiful and creative cookbook and my eating style! For example, when she uses soy sauce or soy milk, I swap for coconut aminos or nut milk.

When she uses egg or chicken replacements, I use a free range, humanely treated, antibiotic and hormone-free egg or chicken and when she uses wheat toast or pasta, I use my favorite gluten free replacements.

The basic structure of her recipes doesn’t need changing for my personal preferences.

I can simply swap what works for me one for one.

That is key for me to use and enjoy a new cookbook! Ellie Bullen does this well and I truly enjoy her work.

This week I tested out her Jamu Tonic. I was attracted to Ellie’s Jamu Tonic because the key ingredients involve juicing ginger root and turmeric root. Two anti-inflammatory stars!

In Ellie’s Jamu Tonic, she blends the roots in the blender and strains out the fibrous pulp with a sieve or nut-milk bag. This is a great way to go if you don’t have a juicer.

My Mom’s old juicer is a 30+ year old tank she used to make homemade baby food and nut butters when my brothers and I were young. I loved shelling peanuts and pushing them through to see the homemade peanut butter come out the other side! Using her juicer brings back fond memories and a juicer is a piece of equipment I encourage you to explore for your kitchen.

Here’s what works for me inspired by Ellie’s Jamu Tonic. I share about my experience juicing these roots on my What Works Wednesday #4 video which can be found on my Instagram and Facebook Fan Pages.

Shannon’s Ginger/Turmeric Rejuvenator

For the Ginger/Turmeric Root Juice

  • 5 ounces Ginger root
  • 5 ounces Turmeric root


  1. Juice the roots and store the juice in a jar. You will only use a portion of it in the recipe.

Note: Because juices are best consumed fresh, I encourage you to keep the 1:1 ratio in ounces of ginger to turmeric, just use less of each root. If you want to keep extra root juice in the fridge, date it and keep it no longer than four days.

Ingredients For the Drink:

  • 2 cups filtered water
  • 2 Tablespoons coconut nectar
  • 3 Tablespoons of lime juice
  • 4 Tablespoons of ginger/turmeric root juice
  • 1 pinch or tiny white scoop of stevia


  1. Mix water and coconut nectar in a saucepan
  2.  Gently warm the water and nectar over low heat on the stove until fully dissolved. Cool to lukewarm.
  3. Pour the lukewarm water/nectar mixture into a quart size jar with lots of ice
  4. Add lime juice, ginger/turmeric root juice, stevia

My friend, Kat was kind enough to guinea pig taste test it for me! (despite it’s suspicious potion-like vibe lol!)  Unlike my brother who made a funny face and almost spit it out, Kat enjoyed sipping on my improved version throughout the evening.

Some of Kat’s Notes:

  • “It started out a little spicy, but got better the more I drank it.” (My opinion as well. The more I drink it, the more I enjoy it AND it gives me a nice warm feeling in my belly!)
  • “It makes a good base, maybe to use in mixed drinks or add something to it down the road.”
  • “I expected it to be creamy and it wasn’t to start.”
  • We added some cashew milk for fun and Kat said, “I give it a thumbs up.”
  • After we’d been sipping on it for about 30 minutes she said, “My back doesn’t hurt anymore!”

Dr. Ginger Southhall, author of the Rainbow Juice Cleanse, shares some of the benefits of juicing.

“Fresh-made juices are made in a juicer, which extracts the juice from the fibrous pulp, providing massive amounts of hydrating and highly absorbable organic water and a concentrated form of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, phytochemicals, and enzymes. This delivers more nutrition than you could ever eat in the form of solid food in one sitting.

It is important to make your juices fresh and to use only organic produce. Store-bought, pasteurized, processed, or refined juices are not comparable, for these have added processed salt, sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, so called ‘natural flavors,’ and toxic preservatives. In addition, many have been ‘enriched’ with synthetic chemical nutrients and other unwanted additives.”

For those of you who are curious, here is some extra info on the health benefits of Ginger as well as Turmeric.

I love them both because they support my four main health goals:

  1. To reduce inflammation
  2. To support healthy hormones (ginger and turmeric support balanced blood sugar levels which in turn support healthy hormones)
  3. To support my immune system (lowering inflammation supports a healthy immune system)
  4. To support brain health (the turmeric especially has properties which carry good stuff across the blood brain barrier)

When building your most effective healthstyle,

I encourage you to make decisions that work for you and stem from having a clear and specific intention. There’s a lot of noise out there. 

What’s relevant to you is what’s relevant now. The rest can rest.

Curious about other ways to incorporate the healing benefits of ginger root into your healthstyle? Click on Restoriix to learn more!

Have a beautiful day!


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