October 29

Noodle Care Do’s: Part 3 of 3


Welcome to Noodle Care Do's: Part 3 of 3! Here's Part 1 and Part 2!


To say I am passionate about the concept of mental fitness is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

More often than not, the brain gets separated from the rest of the body! Targeted nutrition, mental exercises, coaching and practical tools are often discounted when attempting to achieve mental health goals. But friends, our brains are a part of our whole body. 

We are whole beings!

People often think of exercise to build muscle. People often think of cardiovascular exercise to strengthen the heart. People think of avoiding sugar and eating a nutritious diet to care for their body.

Have you ever considered what goes into effective MENTAL FITNESS? Our brains deserve the best diets, supplements thought/speech patterns and external care we can provide them!

Photo above: Pearson Imagery 

Inflammation not only profoundly affects our immune systems and is the root cause of today’s modern diseases, but

                    it touches brain and mental wellness in a deep and profound way!

The brain is literally at the head of ALL we do and most often, is the last thing we think to care for in an active way in our daily routine.

Today’s big question: What do I do to take care of my brain?

I discovered, in order to transform my brain and my pain into beauty, it’s the behaviors that count friend, not the feelings, but the things I do. This includes both what’s going on internally, such as my self-talk, and thought choices, but also externally in how I care for the organ of my brain.

The feels are real and deserve space to be held for them. The focus of these three blogs is actions I take to move myself forward whether I have a flood of emotions or they happen to be frozen solid. Regardless of where I'm at emotionally taking actions is essential in moving myself forward. The feels are gathered in and come along for the hike. 

Both internal and external care of the brain can be impacted by my behavior. 

Here are points seven through twelve of the behaviors I do in my most effective anti-inflammatory healthstyle to care for my noodle. 

For my Noodle care Do’s 1-6 look here, TODAY:

My Noodle care Do’s 7-12

SEVEN: I avoid external causes of inflammation for my brain

The list here is big.

I've spent almost twenty years cleaning things in and out of my lifestyle and learning to understand what stumbles my specific body.

Everything from genetically modified, processed, preserved, artificially colored and flavored food and beverages, to the air I breath, to the products I use on my skin and in my home can impact the inflammation in the brain and thereby touch my mental fitness. 

I call it being “chemical-bombed.”

If I go out and run into intense fragrance like in a public restroom, air fresheners, new carpet, MSG, someone wearing fragrance or coloring in my food etc. I instantly get a migraine, become irritable, have trouble breathing and a host of other symptoms. 

When the flood of irritability hits, I attempt to drop in and notice,

“Is my irritability right now connected to something I recently encountered that might be inflaming my brain?” “What might I take to support the detox process, reduce inflammation and help me feel like me again?”

I do a lot with detox support in my personal care routine. 

It's a go 'low and slow' process to shift lifestyle to impact health in an effective and sustainable way. 

Another category of external causes of inflammation for my brain is technology based.

The electromagnetic frequency (EMF) leakage and radiation from phones, computers, wi-fi signals, other forms of screen time, and smart meters impact our brains.

The inflammation due to these invisible sources can impact our sleep, our concentration, our mental health, and can cause headaches and irritability.  

Learning to notice cause and effect in the mental fitness space has taken a huge burden off of my shoulders and helped me become proactive in my brain and mental fitness. Message me here if you’d like help shopping for things to reduce external sources of inflammation.

EIGHT: I avoid internal causes of inflammation for my brain

This is a large portion of what my previous two post series is about. I choose my words carefully.

The portions of our brain responsible for language touch all other portions of the brain.

How we speak to ourselves shapes and molds so much of our experience in our own skin.

I encourage you to notice negative or self-judgmental phrases and work to re-word and re-frame them. Avoid swearing, self-deprecating words and phrases, sarcasm and cutting jokes that may be suicidal or self-harm related.

The brain hears the words and behaves to the true meanings of those words. Cultural meanings and attempts at humor aside, what we say to ourselves matters deeply in our brain and mental fitness. Check out this book to support shifting how you talk to yourself.

NINE: I detox for my brain

Heavy metals, mold, parasites, EMF’s, radiation and other toxins have a significant impact on the brain’s ability to function. I know each of these topics has impacted my brain’s journey.

Twenty years of taking action to detox my brain and body alongside a licensed holistic practitioner has impacted my brain’s health and mental fitness in remarkable and encouraging ways.

I also use a technology called Frequency Specific Microcurrent which has specific brain-based programs that have quite literally saved my sanity and helped my brain heal. Chat with Mama Pat here to learn about FSM technology.

TEN: I study my unique epigenetics for my brain

I study my DNA and what SNPS I’m missing and learn how to provide my body with what it might need specifically to compensate for any gaps it has.

Targeted nutritional support has yielded incredible results in supporting my brain’s health and mental fitness.

It has also streamlined my supplement routine.

Now that I know what my body needs specifically, I understand the role certain support supplements play in my health and brain's success. 

I'm no longer guessing or taking boat loads of nutritionals to 'throw mud at the wall' and hope something sticks. The targeted data and increased self-understanding has reduced the confusion and self-judgment I aim at my body and increased the harmony and compliance I have with my nutritional self-care routine. 

Mama Pat can guide you on this journey and has access to comprehensive nutritional epigenetic testing and action-based resources.

ELEVEN: I receive coaching for my brain

Every Tuesday night my coach hosts a free coaching webinar called, The Blair Dunkley Experience. 

Blair Dunkley, creator of Mind Models  has created thought frameworks and behavior-based tools that save my life every day.

I reached a point where I wasn’t able to go on anymore. Learning how to use the tools he created changed my brain permanently. Message me for the Zoom link and join us on Tuesday! Say hi, I’m often on and would love to meet you!

TWELVE: I exercise for my brain

Physical exercise is highly effective for the health of the brain.

Not only do the motions and various cross body patterns done in diverse forms of activity stimulate the brain to grow, but the act itself of intense physical activity produces effective endorphins and chemicals to balance and support the brain naturally as well as detox the body.  

In conclusion: 

These are just a few of the ways I give my precious noodle what it needs to get out of bed and FIGHT ANOTHER DAY.

It’s my best support against the chaos of today.

Life isn't perfect and we can't do 'all the things' all the time.

But increasing my knowledge base increases the support structure for my life. Having a foundation of resources to pull from allows me to trouble shoot and use what I know when I need it.

These are things I’ve discovered and learned to weave into my most effective anti-inflammatory healthstyle over the course of many years. I'm still learning and use different things at different times and seasons in my life. 

If you are curious for more details on anything I've written about, please contact me here, or contact my Mama Pat here. We are happy to share the tools we use for supporting effective navigation through this life.

To your heath friend,



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