Curious How to Save 15-30%

Pricing and Discounts

(Specific to the products produced by the ARIIX-NewAge Corporation)

There are Three Levels

1. Pay Retail = 30% above wholesale

If you purchase, love your products and decide you want more, you have 30 days for your retail purchase to count toward a member package!

2. Save Some = 15% discount

Receive your favorite product(s) in a monthly auto delivery and receive 15% off

  • Cancel anytime
  • Change which product(s) anytime
  • Subscribe and Save!


Purchase a Member Level package to receive 15% off your purchase anytime

  • No auto delivery and no minimum order required!
  • No renewal fee…ever!
  • 15% off your products forever!


Receive a discount code for a special one-time only 15% discount perk!

  • Curious about the products, but have a few questions?
  • Click the link below to schedule a free 50-minute product consult via phone or Zoom
  • At the end of our call, you’ll receive a 15% off discount code to apply to your entire order! My gift to you!

3. Save More: 30% off your purchase anytime for wholesale pricing!

  • Purchase a Business, Elite, or Ultimate Level package to receive wholesale pricing (30% discount)
  • No auto delivery required! (Exception: If you want to qualify to earn money)
  • No renewal fee…ever!
  • Wholesale access anytime, forever!

These packages come with a variety of perks if you’re looking to start a business!

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