How Can Mama Pat Help?

Hi fellow Health

Say hello to my Health Warrior Mom, Maa Pat!

For almost two decades I survived and learned to thrive in the midst of acute and chronic health challenges. My personal experience drives my quest NOW to seek out exceptional resources for living…


The driving force behind my quest to survive and learn to thrive is my MOM!

My Health Warrior Mom is a Registered Nurse who spent the past 40 years fighting uphill battles for the people she loves, me being her biggest fight. 

Mama Pat relentlessly seeks truth and knowledge for the purpose of uplifting those caught in life’s merciless hamster wheel.

She loves her family fiercely and has studied with holistic health practitioners across the country on my behalf for over a decade.

A nurse for over 40 years, she spent time in the fields of neonatal intensive care, labor and delivery, pediatric urgent care, hospital-based medical/surgical weight management, telephone triage, PTSD trauma literacy, caregivers support for the elderly and more. She blends her traditional medical experience and extensive holistic continuing education with her desire to ignite hope in the lives of individuals seeking direction for their own harsh realities, unanswered questions, and shattered dignity.

Mama Pat is a Wellness Educator and Consultant.

How can my mom help you?

She creates access for her clients to Nutritional DNA reports and educates on the actionable risk factors in your genetic profile. (actionable = what I can do for my unique body)

So, what does that look like?

The information contained in DNA is critical in helping make informed decisions. Get an inside look at what your health needs are, and a “roadmap” into what is most critical for your body.

Mama Pat orders you a DNA testing kit from a company specializing in epigenetic nutritional support and research. The kit is sent to your home and you collect your own saliva sample and put it in the mail. The company evaluates your DNA and sends the detailed report to my mom. She then goes through the information with you and discusses your specific risk alleles and needs.

Together you customize lifestyle and supplement support based on your report. She works over the phone or Zoom to discover what might work for you to develop greater wellness in your life based on your DNA. 

My mom understands we are ALL UNIQUE. Part of where I ran into trouble in my health journey is, the doctors I saw did what worked for MOST of their patients. They used protocols, for symptom management and said it “should” work for me.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been “should” on only to lose money and feel worse. When you are an outlier living in the 5%, what works for the 95% isn’t helpful. And that is totally not your fault!

Mama Pat rallied her professional skills and cultivated a unique skill set for recovering real health. I have my life back because of her efforts, skills and perseverance.

She helps clients evaluate their healthstyle and adapt based on evaluating what is and is not working for you. 

It’s true. “A worried mother does better research than the F.B.I”

Hats off to all the worried mothers, parents and caregivers out there. I salute you! You do hard things every single day for those you love. You are incredible.

I have been the recipient of her devoted research and tireless efforts for over 20 years now. My life is forever changed, and my health is the strongest and most stable it’s ever been. From the bottom of my heart, “Thank you, Mom.”

Where am I going with this? What my Mom offers is unique.

I adore encouraging you and sharing my precious and effective lifestyle resources with you! However, if you need deeper understanding about your body and health, I’d like to share my Mom with you.

Sharing resources is part of what I do. I’m excited to connect you with her so you can discover how she might support you in getting you and your health unstuck.

Specific things borrowing
my mom can do for you!

Q: Want to understand YOUR unique body?

A: Mama Pat does nutritional DNA testing and education focusing on an actionable risk alleles. (Which means: What can I do externally to support my health based on what my body has to work with internally?)

Q: Curious to discover the importance of a healthy gut and how our guts connect to our brains?

A: Learn how to restore your intestinal microbiome, address leaky gut, improve your immune system AND combat depression and anxiety.

Q: Looking to achieve your optimal weight?

A: How we accomplish health in this area looks different for everyone. Explore how to approach your desired results here with grace and love.

Q: Been through hell and out the other side? Looking for things you can do to equip yourself or a loved one living with the effects of grief, trauma or PTSD?

A: My mom is passionate about PTSD and trauma awareness and has cultivated tools for rebuilding our brains and bodies. Pain, loss and trauma don’t have to be the end.

If you’re struggling. If you’re stuck. If you need support. If you need an extra pair of ears. If you need to bounce ideas off of someone. If you need a mom who will fight beside you, I’d love for you to borrow mine.

She enjoys working with clients who:

  • commit to maximizing their personal wellness
  • display curiosity with an openness to learn

Her process is based on patience and a willingness to test in increments to discover what might work to improve your quality of life.

Click below to schedule your free 50-minute evaluation call with my mom to see if working with her is a good fit for you both!

Disclaimer: Mama Pat is a Wellness Educator and Consultant. She does not prescribe, treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease, illness or condition.