Meet My Team

Hi fellow Health Warriors,

say hello to my team!

The purpose of this page is to share a bit of my personal life with you! I do life with my family. We are an interconnected, loving team. The bedrock of my dreams is filling a pool with knowledge from the rainbow of our ideas and individual areas of excellence!

Upon this foundation I encourage those who might be curious about my network marketing opportunity to find their best fit and get to know the support, skills and resources available. I seek to create a culture where individuals are able to grow and improve their lives.

My parents are a daily part of my business activities and you’ll spot them in other places on this website! My dad, Lynn, offers our team 30 years of proven leadership, coaching and business development experience.  He offers a free business consultation call. Schedule with him here.

Over a 13-year period, he and his previous team generated 300,000 customers and $20 million per year in revenue using online and social media strategies. His experience in sales, online marketing, coaching and training are what he is teaching me and this team today!

The number one thing I want you to remember about my dad is this: he deeply cares about and believes in people. When the world had written me off, he did not. I am here sharing my stories and passion with you because of his sacrifices.

My Health Warrior Mom is a Registered Nurse who spent the past 40 years fighting uphill battles for the people she loves, me being her biggest fight. Mama Pat relentlessly seeks truth and knowledge for the purpose of uplifting those caught in life’s merciless hamster wheel.

She loves her family fiercely and has studied with holistic health practitioners across the country on my behalf for over a decade.

She blends her traditional medical experience and extensive holistic continuing education with her desire to ignite hope in the lives of individuals seeking direction for their own harsh realities, unanswered questions, and shattered dignity.

She teaches me about the body from a science based holistic point of view. She edits my content to ensure the integrity of my information is sound and scientifically accurate. I’m a regular person with an intuitive and well-trained knowledge of holistic health practices, but she is my accountability for quality and keeps this dyslexic girl straight!

My brother, Scott, currently works for Covenant Eyes, a technology company located in Michigan, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He began working with the company 16 years ago and has experience in digital marketing, business strategy and planning, project management, customer service and call center management.

Scott received his BA in Marketing from Northwood University back in 2003, and since then has continued to push himself to learn and grow through self-education: reading, taking online courses and attending trainings in digital marketing, business strategy, and organizational development. Outside of work, Scott is passionate about being fit and healthy and continuing to learn and grow both personally and professionally. He enjoys reading, exercising, being outside and playing golf whenever the opportunity presents itself. He’s one of the kindest and hardest working people I know.

His wife, Rose, is a Human Resources Generalist with 11+ years of experience aligning people practices with business strategy. Her expertise spans multiple HR functions including talent acquisition, talent development, performance management, coaching, employee relations, employee benefits administration and regulatory compliance.

She is thoughtful and kind and is a trusted HR business partner and resource to top leaders and frontline managers. She is passionate about building relationships to lead, influence, and inspire others to do their best work. This is how she helps organizations and their people succeed. Her expertise and counsel support me as I create and develop working relationships with other humans!

My brother, Thomas, has a banking and finance background. He is an author and entrepreneur.

His wife, Amber, is an elementary school teacher with a master’s degree in curriculum development. Together, they are dedicated to producing quality short stories that delight and engage readers while meeting educational standards.

Amber has taught grades pre-K through 5th in both the United States and Mexico. She currently teaches in a 4th grade Spanish immersion classroom.

Thomas is an author and entrepreneur whose passion is to tell great stories and spark imagination in others.

I’m building a community where caring humans can thrive with their unique gifts and talents as well as receive connections for support in areas that aren’t their specialty. I have many gaps and areas of challenge, but with the support of my growing team I’m able to build and grow.

We are a group of caring, imperfect people who are working it out. We are developing systems and trainings and invite you to join us! We are curating an environment for your success and give you our best to nurture your success and growth!

My family has worked through and overcome hard things together. Each person in my family holds unique gifts and talents as well as their personal hopes and dreams. The threads of the entrepreneurial spirit and our shared passion to bring encouragement, fun, hope and healing to the world knit us together.

Curious about how my team can support you?