Meet Shannon

Hi fellow Health Warriors,

I’m Shannon!

For almost two decades I have survived and learned to thrive in the midst of acute and chronic health challenges. My personal experience drives my quest to seek out exceptional resources for living.

Health isn’t just about our physical bodies. Health is the state in which all parts of our being function in soundness and freedom. Pain becomes an indicator for what is not aligned with health.

During the intense seasons of my illnesses, I experienced profound pain of the heart. My essence suffered deeply.

Lack of health affected me more than just physically. It touched me mentally, relationally, spiritually and financially. My massive pile of physical symptoms both diagnosed and undiagnosed hogged the spotlight much of the time.

But the need to be able to function in the basics of life, to be a whole person… more than just my health problems, screamed for attention in the wings.

I became ill as a teenager. My health impacted my ability to follow a career path. As a deeply conscience-driven teen/young adult, I longed to find my ‘fit’ in the world, but after being beaten down by the judgement of others and frustrated by the limitations of invisible illness for so long, I wondered if there really was a place for me out there? 

It felt like the system sectioned me off into pieces and shoved this square peg into a round hole, then I realized something valuable. When there isn’t a ‘fit’ for you in this world, it’s okay to create one.

We are designed to be whole, integrated, beautiful, unique beings with a creative drive and a need for connection.

Over the years some barriers to my living a full, connected life have been: learning differences, trauma, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, PCOS, endometriosis, infectious brain injury, multiple chemical sensitivities, PTSD and more. 

At times, these labels threatened to tie my hands, put me in a box and become my identity. Some of these issues are in the past!

And some are still with me, but instead of barriers to living, I have transformed my challenges into a way to become more open and connected with people. Diagnoses or life challenges do not define us or diminish our value!

In order to live and heal, I have to walk a non-traditional path medically, but also professionally. Years ago I wanted to work, but simply didn’t have what was required to invest in a traditional career.

When Chefs are handed a basket with crazy things inside on T.V.


What do they do? 

They make an amazing meal using those crazy things! Do you think they are able to transform a crazy food basket into a delicious meal if they view their basket as flawed, crappy, unappealing, and undesirable OR are they better equipped if they view the items in their basket as unique, interesting, creative, and desirable? 

WHAT we have to work with isn’t nearly as important as HOW we think, talk, and frame what we have to work with.

Every traditional medical door shut in my face gave me the opportunity to make a choice. I could choose to accept the limitations they placed on my future or carve my own path, pursuing knowledge for my unique situation.

I have experienced brokenness transformed to beauty. I believe in real health for your body, resourceful tactics for renewing your mind and creative opportunities for your own business. HOW my resources can be applied and WHAT they offer a person excites me!!

They offer the opportunity to plant a seed of freedom for health that can touch all areas of our lives.

And I AM passionate about people being free! Whatever that means for you as an individual! Free, healthy, and thriving! Living connected, growth-centered, relationship-centered, service-centered lives where beautiful, creative, unique, innovative, non-conformist hearts can fly free!

It is my dearest hope that no matter what opportunity in life you best connect with, that you remember:

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

-Winston Churchill