What the “F” is In*lammation?

What the “F” is In*lammation??? 

Cellular Inflammation Explained

Hi, I'm Shannon. I became a Health Warrior after struggling for many years with inflammation and serious health issues.

My Ebook will give you hope and a way forward.

Wondering why you are so tired? Joint and muscle pain? Dragging yourself out of bed? 

I was! 

I put this information together to help YOU. 

Start YOUR new path to more energy, less pain and feeling better today.

With my Ebook, understanding what Inflammation IS provides you immediate next steps and guidance so you can start feeling better right away. Today.

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  • Can anyone explain to me what inflammation IS?

  • HOW is knowing I have inflammation helping me? 

  • Can someone with first hand experience help me understand how to reduce my inflammation & feel better?

That's why I created my Ebook. 

  • To help you know how to reduce your pain, have more energy, get stuff done & be encouraged about the future. 
  • It explains WHAT cellular inflammation IS.  No more mystery. This gives you understanding, which is Vital for us to change and improve. 
  • I also include my personal discoveries, tips and resources - 'inside secrets' I found that work.

Have more energy & less pain. Do more. Start feeling better TODAY.  

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My Ebook Answers The Question..."What is Inflammation?"

  • What is cellular inflammation
  • What causes inflammation?
  • What is acute inflammation?
  • What is chronic inflammation?
  • Includes my personally discovered inflammation reducing helpers.
  • Includes 'inside secrets' I learned - tips and resources.
  • Includes the information needed to design YOUR own inflammation reducing roadmap.

This educational Ebook on cellular inflammation is your FIRST STEP to having less pain, more energy and feeling better.

Don't wait till tomorrow. Start feeling better today.

RIGHT NOW, are you or someone you know struggling with...

  • Feeling super exhausted, dragging yourself around?
  • Pain and stiffness whenever you move?
  • Discouragement?
  • Weight gain? 
  • Having a difficult time exercising?
  • Fear of what might happen if your health condition continues?
  • Feeling like you are always behind?
  • Brain fog, headaches, nausea and memory issues come and go?
  • Not able to do activities you once did?

NOW, IMAGINE... if you could...

  • Have more energy, feel better
  • Have less joint and muscle pain, less stiffness
  • Exercise more and feel good about it
  • Feel hopeful, encouraged
  • Get more done
  • Do activities you once did

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My regular price is $29.97, but for a limited time... 

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I'm Shannon and I'm a Health Warrior. For almost two decades I have battled, survived and learned to thrive in the midst of acute and chronic health challenges. My personal experience drives my quest to seek out exceptional resources for living and to share this information to help others by being a real health encourager.

I danced competively and taught dance for over 10 years. I finished culinary school in spite of numerous challenges.

My years of health challenges have required me to be in a constant learner mode. What an education!

Millions of people have chronic health conditions and are looking for help. 

It is a privilege to use these experiences and education as a real health encourager to help others improve their wellness by developing an anti-inflammatiory lifestyle. 

Here's a glimpse through my Ebook, "What The 'F' is In*lammation".  Cellular Inflammation Explained.

Knowing WHAT causes inflammation is the KEY to reducing your inflammation and having more energy, less pain and being more productive.

  • What is cellular inflammation? - What is acute inflammation? 
  • What is chronic inflammation? - Signs of chronic inflammation
  • Identify causes and helpers
  • Psychological stressors contribute to inflammation  
  • Emotional stressors contribute to inflammation 
  • Identify the 5 main inflammatory areas.  Seeing ~ hearing ~ smelling ~ tasting ~ touching 

Look at inflammation reducing helpers.

  • Inflammatory beverages  
  • Inflammatory foods 
  • Quality of your supplements
  • My favorite beverage choices
  • Look for foods with these qualities
  • Exercise - reduces inflammation - kinds of exercise and modified ideas that work
  • Quality of the air we are breathing
  • Toxic bucket analogy - toxins build up in your body 
  • How to empty your toxic bucket
  • Rest is a weapon - ways to improve sleep

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